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Challenge of Change

Change is very difficult. Whether it's changing a habit or attitude or job or city - change is always a challenge, and change is even more difficult when it's imposed on us suddenly or without our approval.

For example, change in health, or change in relationship because of death or divorce. There is always an element of pain in change - even when the change is for good. Like when a new and better job in a new city means leaving friends and familiar places behind, and this is painful. It's for this reason people naturally avoid or put off change, because they want to avoid the pain that usually accompanies change.

Of course we know that not all change is good. There are many changes in life that are both painful and sad because the change that takes place is for the worse, not better. And then there are changes that change nothing like people changing careers only to find out that their new jobs don' t make them any happier than their old ones or couples divorce thinking that this change will solve their problems and they find out that the divorce only brings them new problems to solve.

This New Year 2015, we will not focus on these kinds of changes. Instead, through our Sermon Series and Bible Studies, we will focus on the challenges that positive changes create and how we can meet and overcome them. It should prove to be an interesting and productive journey. Are you ready for change?